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DIG IT! Welcome to SEASON 3 - JAZZ INVESTIGATIONS, Jazz - Standards You Need To Know - Episode 4.

In Season 3 of Jazz - Standards You Need To Know, we are going get a BIG LOOK at some tunes you may know and quite possibly a few YOU MAY NOT!

And as usual this JAZZ BOOK OF TUNES will give you an idea of the tunes you should be working on, first, if you are new to playing jazz.

AND, the tunes you should continue to be studying if you are an experienced player! This is key because many of these songs are ones that MANY players overlook as they advance in playing jazz.

NOW, DON'T FORGET if you DIG what I do, then,

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In Episode 4, SEASON 3 of The Jazz - Standards You Need To Know, we are looking at whole new set of standards that are sure to get you energized by playing jazz!

And of course, this week's pick is none other than FOUR by Miles DAVIS!

This is just a fantastic tune and one, in my opinion, is a window into Miles' views on playing modal.

As he develops the melody and the changes you can see how he is thinking to simplify the harmony as well starting to use more chromaticism within his playing.

As a side note, make sure to check out the full lesson, Four Jazz Guitar Lesson on the channel because of all the detail within this fantastic song.

Of course, as a Jazz Investigator, I take a strong look at The Jazz Standards You Need To Know, and I feel FOUR has so much to offer.

So to find all of this out - see what I just did there?, you know what to do. DIG IT and push play!

Check it out and let me know in the comments.


PS. There is a live demo of this song as well. Enjoy!

Key Times

0:00 Intro

0:25 Lesson Overview

0:54 Lesson Intro

1:12 Four - Reason 1

1:38 Four - Reason 2

2:16 Four - Reason 3

2:49 Four - Reason 4

3:15 Summary

3:33 Solo

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