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Midnight Blue Guitar Lesson

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

DIG IT! THE Midnight Blue Guitar Lesson is here and there is NOTHING to be afraid of on this tune! It is a classic through and through.

Kenny Burrell was masterful in his composition of Midnight Blue and he even took it one step further and gave guitarists an ability to solo, comp, AND chord-solo all- in-one, over a straight-forward format!

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Midnight Blue is one tune to play after dark that you DO NOT need to fear! It has, in my opinion, all the great components of a song. And, not to mention, the chord melody and comping allows guitarists solo in a very unique way.

The structure acts as a "bridge" between line and combo playing and "solo guitar" style playing.

Kenny Burrell is a master at composition and with the creation of this song, he has given us a gift to play on, basically for a lifetime!

All around, Midnight Blue is fire-burning song.

SO! Check out what we can do over Midnight Blue and get some extra Guitar Lesson love as I walk you through how to make this song part of your guitar toolkit!

This is a great-fresh look on a classic tune that I know you will dig, AND, you WILL learn how to play on it, not just "read about it!!"

So you know what to do. DIG IT and push play!

Check it out and let me know in the comments.


PS. There is a live demo of this song as well. Enjoy!

Key Times

0:00 Intro

0:41 Lesson Overview

1:39 Lesson Performance

1:59 Lesson Intro

2:19 Chart

2:28 Chords/Melody A (overview)

5:23 Chords/Melody A2

5:55 Chords/Melody B

7:51 Chords/Melody

9:22 Solo Ideas

11:29 Summary

12:21 Performance

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