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On Green Dolphin Street Jazz Guitar Lesson

DIG IT! The time has arrived to GET ON BOARD! with THE On Green Dolphin Street Jazz Guitar Lesson!

I cannot say enough great things about this wonderful gift, given to us by Bronsilau Kaper!. It is a CLASSIC.

NOW, DON'T FORGET if you DIG what I do, then,

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DIG IT! and say it again, DIG IT! and...AGAIN! On Green Dolphin Street. It has an incredible special quality to it I cannot explain.

Of course, the incredible harmony with its modal underpinnings and do not over look this classic haunting melody.

Not mention it sad and sweet tone that just allows us to play openly.

It is a keeper for sure.

SO! Check out what we can do over On Green Dolphin Street and get some extra Jazz Guitar Lesson love as I walk you through how to make this song part of your guitar toolkit!

This is a great-fresh look on a classic tune that I know you will dig, AND, you WILL learn how to play on it, not just "read about it!!"

So you know what to do. DIG IT and push play!

Check it out and let me know in the comments.


PS. There is a live demo of this song as well. Enjoy!

Key Times

0:00 Intro

0:44 Lesson Overview

1:56 Lesson Intro

2:21 Harmony Analysis

4:58 Chord Melody

9:00 Solo Ideas

10:00 Examples

11:00 Summary

12:00 Performance

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