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The Best Live Stream Software for Musicians

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Do you want the best live stream software for musicians and get the best audio possible for your live streams?

Do you want to Stream Like a PRO? A great way to achieve this is by the use of an audio interface.  Now there are many different types of audio interfaces and associated DAW's. In the video we are using a Universal Audio Apollo 8 and Twin as well as ProTools to record the audio. I should point out that all of the recorded audio (with the exception of the intro and outro portions of the video are not post-processed through pro tools. The reason for this set up was to give you a true experience of what the LIVE streamed sound would be using a set up like this one. And, there are a number of videos Live Streamed on the channel, where you can hear multiple versions of this set up.  Post processing will only give you BETTER sound! In this particular video, I show you how to route your audio from your interface into Ecamm, level the audio within your mixer application as well as make any adjustments in the Ecamm application as well. There is a live demo of the set up as well. As mentioned in the video, it is VERY important to create your mixes prior to going into Ecamm and think of the "Volume" fader as your front of house or "main" fader that can be brought up or down as needed. My strategy is to max out the fader and create mixes inside of the console application so they are not clipping or distorting.  This is a great pro set up that will give exceptional sound quality and can be scaled to the size of your band or gig from a full ensemble to solo or duo set ups as well. Things to keep in mind to keep your mixes clean: -Effects - use less than more, a little does go a long way -Use gates to eliminate unwanted room/computer/fan noise, other instruments, etc. -EQ - yes EQ - boosting some low end works great to fill out voice and guitar -PRACTICE - you can private stream to YouTube...and I would say DO IT OFTEN, In fact I do this for myself to assess changes I need to make in streaming.

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