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All Blues Jazz Guitar Lesson

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

DIG IT! All Blues Jazz Guitar Lesson is on the channel and we are taking a close look at this ALL BAD BLUES TUNE!

All Blues is a great one to get your chops around because it has so much to it and there are a multitude of different ways you can play on and THROUGH IT!

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This tune never ceases to amaze me, even its most simplest modal form.

That is because Miles Davis' genius of taking the Blues and making it Modal, all while giving space for players to play "regular" changes is the ultimate key!

The All Blues Jazz Guitar lesson helps you blow through the tune modally and of course playing with strategies to stretch the "traditional" harmony as well.

BUT, we keep it real and concise too, so you WILL learn how to play on it, not just "read about it!!"

So if you want to expand your knowledge on this tune - WATCH the video.

This is a great-fresh look on a classic tune that I know you will dig.

So you know what to do. DIG IT and push play!

Check it out and let me know in the comments.


PS. There is a live demo of this song as well. Enjoy! Key Times Intro - 0:01

Lesson Overview - 0:24

Lesson Performance 1 - 1:25

Chord Melody 1:49

CM Example - 2:58

CM Example - 4:02

CM Example - 5:00

Cm Performance - 5:48

Solo Modal - 6:33

Solo Changes - 7:03

Solo Format - 8:05

Solo Ex - 9:38

Summary - 10:04

Performance - 11:15

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