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Giant Steps Jazz Guitar Lesson

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

DIG IT! GIANT Steps Jazz Guitar Lesson is up AND it is LARGE on keeping you safe on this "theoretically" TERRIFYING song by John Coltrane.

We are going to take a GIANT look at Giant Steps and BREAK DOWN how you can play fluently on this tune - every time!

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OH THE FEAR of playing on Giant Steps. I am SURE you have experienced it, but for almost all Jazz Players it is a "right of passage" that can actually confirm you know how to play the genre of JAZZ.

Now, I am not going to argue that statement because it just exists, but what I will say is The Giant Steps Jazz Guitar lesson will, hopefully, get you to see Giant Steps is not so TERRIFYING at all, and in fact, it is actually a relatively simple harmony based on a few well-known standards.

The biggest hurdle to over come on Giant Steps is to be able to manage the TEMPO it is played at and to not "overload" the harmony with lots of flash.

IT IS PARAMOUNT to keep it simple and MELODIC as much as possible and with The Giant Steps Jazz Guitar Lesson you WILL able to play on this tune AND be completely successful!

So if you want to expand your knowledge on this tune - WATCH the video.

This is a great-fresh look on a classic tune that I know you will dig.

So you know what to do. DIG IT and push play!

Check it out and let me know in the comments. Peace PS.

There is a live demo of this song as well. Enjoy!

Key Times

Intro - 0:10

Lesson Performance 1 - 1:26

Lesson Overview - 1:55

Song Format A1 - 2:31

Song Format A2 - 4:08

The Melody - 4:42

Chord Melody - 5:31

CM Chart - 6:30

CM Mini Lesson - 7:13

Solo Ex - 10:29

Melody Soloing - 11:19

Pent Mini Lesson - 12.57

Pent Solo Ex - 15:06

Trane Patterns Mini Lesson - 16:03

Trane Pattern Solo Ex - 17:03

Summary - 17:11

Performance - 18:59

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