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There Will Never Be Another You Jazz Guitar Lesson

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

There Will Never Be Another You Jazz Guitar Lesson highlights some hidden gems of soloing over chord changes.

Do you want to learn, really learn, how to play on this tune?

Then check out this free lesson and follow some the really simple strategies outlined to help you play on this standard. DON'T FORGET if you DIG what I do, then,

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Now there are many different ways to approach this tune, and it is one of my favorites to play, but did you know there are some of the most repeatable song writing strategies "hidden" inside this 32 bar tune.

Originally written by Harry Warren, the format lends itself so well to improvising, especially because Warren outlines such a fantastic harmonic structure using "back-cycling" and "non-resolving dominates."

In fact, both these song creation-techniques show up in so many Jazz Standards and even tunes of today, there are too many to really list. To start - There Is No Great Love, Blues For Alice, Take The A-Train, and even Rock songs like "Stay With Me" by the Faces. Yes, that is right, THE FACES! Oh yeah, The Beatles?? Yes, indeed.

With all of that said, you can seriously take your playing up a level by understanding these simple concepts discussed inside this lesson. Not only are they fairly easy to get under your fingers, quickly, they sound hip and they show up so much, you will easily be able to navigate over a library of jazz tunes. Thanks again for checking out this lesson and all of my lessons and I will see you on the gig.

As mentioned in the video, it is VERY important to use different strategies when improvising. This helps you to create your sound and also keeps things fresh. The way I see it, these concepts raise your improvising to a new level and give you lots of ways to PLAY over chords changes.

Things to keep in mind: - Theory is great, but the sound you are going for is KING

- Play, naturally, what you hear. At first you may not "hear" this sound, but eventually it creeps into your head, like dust!

- Above all, listen to many players and what they do. This helps your playing to evolve and grow.



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